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Multi-functional New Energy Transfer Cable for Efficient EV Charging and Energy Storage

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2024-02-01 14:22

Dear valued customer,

We are delighted to introduce Natconn's latest product - the Multi-functional New Energy Transfer Cable.


This product comes in two models, equipped with customized 3+8 and 4+8 connectors, designed specifically for the charging needs of energy storage systems. It can achieve charging from mains power to the energy storage system, charging from the charging gun (through the adapter) to the energy storage system, and connecting between the energy storage system battery packs.


Key Features:


1. Versatile Design: What sets our product apart is its versatility.

Through the clever design of the EV Charging Connector and Converting Socket, it can be connected to the new energy storage system for charging, achieving convenient operation of dual use.



2. Highly Customizable: We are committed to meeting the unique demands of our customers.

The product supports various standards such as American, European, and Chinese, and the length of the connecting cable can be customized according to specific requirements.

With IATF16949 certification, we possess the qualifications and capabilities to develop customized automotive products.



3. High Current Requirements: The product can meet the demands of 70-130A high current, and the converting socket features a Touch-Proof design, meeting UL certification standards.

We can undergo additional certifications based on customer requirements to ensure compliance with relevant standards.



4. Integrated Design: The integrated design of the charging head eliminates the risk of electric shock, ensuring both safety and durability.

This design not only enhances product safety but also provides users with a more convenient and user-friendly experience.



5. Compatible with AC and DC Standard: We have the capability to design and manufacture both Alternating Current (AC Charging) and Direct Current (DC Fast Charging) models simultaneously.

For example, the 3P connector is designed for AC charging, while the 4P connector is designed for DC, catering to diverse charging needs.



6. Voltage Support: The standard model supports 220V voltage design, and we also offer high-voltage designs, supporting up to 800V, ensuring efficient charging in various scenarios.



We believe that this Multi-functional New Energy Transfer Cable will provide an outstanding solution for your charging and energy storage needs.

Please feel free to contact us, we look forward to providing you with more detailed information and meeting your customization requirements.


Thank you!




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