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A heavy-duty connector assembly structure includes a plug connector and a socket connector. The plug connector includes a base and a plug portion. A plug-in space is disposed on the plug portion. A plug-in terminal, a first grounding shrapnel at both ends of the plug-in portion, and a plurality of fool-proof recesses vertically arranged on an outer wall of the plug-in portion; the plug-in connector comprises a base and a plug- The plug end is matched with the plugging space, a plurality of plug holes are arranged on the plug end, metal pipes are respectively arranged in the plug holes, the upper end of the metal pipe is connected with the upper edge of the plug hole And a second grounding shrapnel is respectively arranged at two sides of the plug end, and a plurality of foolproof bumps are vertically arranged on the outer wall of the plug end. In this way, the fool-proof recess is arranged on the plug connector, the fool-proof projection is arranged on the socket connector, the fool-proof projection and the fool-proof groove are used to prevent accidental insertion and improve the accuracy of the insertion.

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