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Congratulations on Natconn 20th Anniversary

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2023-12-27 14:46

On December 18, 2003, Shenzhen Natconn Electronics Co., Ltd. officially obtained the business license, which has been twenty years since then.



On the dial of time, there are always some special moments that mark our footsteps of progress:


The journey started in 2003 by the founder: Mr. Lai Guopeng. Shenzhen Natconn Electronics Co., Ltd. produced and sold PCB connector products.

Registered trademark  in 2004, expanding international market.

In 2007, the R&D department, mold department, stamping department, injection department, and lathe department were established to improve the production chain.

Established the wiring harness department in 2010 and obtained ISO9001 and ISO14000 certifications.

Developed terminal block series products in 2011 and obtained UL safety certification.

In 2013, the company relocated to a self built industrial park and established Guangdong Natconn Electronics Co., Ltd., while retaining Shenzhen Natconn Electronics Co., Ltd as a sales branch.

Obtained national high-tech enterprise certification in 2015.

Listed on the "New Third Board" in 2016, CRRC Electric Power Company signed a cooperation agreement.

In 2017, Tongji CRRC established the "Electrical Connector Laboratory" and was certified by the "Guangdong Electronic Connector and Wire harness Product Engineering Technology Research Center".

Obtained IATF16949 certification in 2020 and developed a series of automotive connector products.

In 2023, obtained the certification of "Specialized, Refined, Special, New Small and Medium sized Enterprises" in Guangdong Province.


We went through twenty years of hard work and transformations to get where we are today. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic in recent year, we have not stopped growing, nor innovating.




Twenty years is not the end, but a new starting point. Congratulate and thank all the employees, and take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to remain united and motivated to continue this historic trajectory of business.








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