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3PIN Aviation Model Series: Innovative Power Connector Solutions

Published on:

2023-10-24 15:03

Traditional power connectors often have bulky designs, wasting internal space. In response to this common issue, our research and development team has optimized the design, introducing the more compact 3PIN Aviation Model Series. This series not only has a smaller footprint but also delivers enhanced stability.



Product Advantages:

1. Compact Structure Design

2. High Safety Standards (up to 20A)

3. UL&TUV&CQC Certifications

4. Cost Advantage



We not only offer individual components but also provide fully coordinated wiring harness components that complement the connectors, offering customers a comprehensive solution to meet diverse needs.



For more details, please contact us. Contact information is provided at the bottom of this page. We look forward to collaborating with you.




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