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This series is Barrier Type. In structure, they are comprised of PCB Type, Closed Barrier Type and Pluggable Type. There are options with cover or no cover, with the pitches of 6.35, 7.62, 8.25, 9.5, 10.0mm, etc. Products’ design follows management of IEC60998, UL1059 and some other international standard. This series is widely used in Power Ssources, Industrial Control, Information Products, and Household Appliances.


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Product Description

1. The product has obtained UL certification and CE certification;
2. High quality & environmental protection; Small spaceizes and low structure height can effectively save space;
3. Different pin number option with 2P~24P;
4. Various options for color and can be customized.

The Barrier Type is made of high temperature insulation material. Large feet distance can withstand high voltage. Simple structure brings more possibilities. It can realize safe, reliable and effective connection. It is especially suitable for using in large current and high voltage environment. It is widely used in Power Supply, Relay, Requency Converter and Air Conditioner.



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