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This series is economical PCB terminal blocks, which utilize spring to press wire for locking style and with round or square tail for soldering. It has 3.5, 3.81, 5.00, 5.08, 7.50mm pitch and has some different wiring angles at horizontal (180°), vertical (90°) and bevel (135°). It mainly take 2P/3P as the base and can be combined into any desired poles according to customer's requirements. We make this terminal blocks in a most economic way, and the product design is in accordance with some international standards, such as IEC60998 and UL1059. This series mainly apply to Security Systems, Lighting Systems and general electronic products.


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Product Description

1. The product has obtained UL certification and CE certification;
2. High quality & environmental protection; Small spaceizes and low structure height can effectively save space;
3. With splicing slot, the 2P and 3P terminals can be spliced into larger products freely;
4. Various options for color and can be customized.


As a new type of wiring terminal using spring devices, it has been widely used in the world of electrical and electronic engineering industry such as lighting, elevator control, instruments, power supply, chemical and automotive power.




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