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POGO PIN 2P 2A Currency Charger M&F Connector Insulator Type



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Product Description

POGO PIN 2P 2A Currency Charger M&F Connector

Application Field:

POGO PIN is suitable for all kinds of communication, audio-visual, digital code electrical appliances (such as mobile phones, TV, tablet computers, learning machines, etc.), automotive electronics and computers and other fields.




1. Common specifications of Pogo pin:

Rated current: 1.0A (according to customers'requirements)

Rated voltage: DC 12V (depending on customers' requirements)

Contact impedance: 50mΩ (100mΩ for reverse drilling)

Life test: 10000 times (can be determined according to customer requirements)

Elasticity requirements: signal pin ≧60g Min at Max working height

Power pin ≥ 90g Min at Max working height

Salt spray test: 48H or 72H or 96H

Solder ability:Reference Doc: EIA-364-52. Solder ability:Reference Doc: EIA-364-52

Random Vibration Testing: EIA-364-28, Test condition II

Pogo pin  Connector material:

Pin sleeve: brass

Pin: brass

Spring: SUS304

Plastic: PA or LCP

2.Pogo pin is named:

spring pin contact, spring charging thimble, charging conductive pin, thimble, etc.






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