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ShangHai Munich Electronics Fair 2020 to Natconn patted you


ShangHai Munich Electronics Fair 2020 to Natconn patted you

Natcon's participation in the ShangHai Munich Electronics Show, have a perfect ending.

The long-awaited annual Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair was held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on July 3th, 2020

The postponement of the exhibition seems to add its appeal, visitors from everywhere could not wait to lift its veil at the early morning.Due to the COVID-19, the large-scale exhibition in Shanghai has just opened from the long shut, but the enthusiasm of the audience is still quite full, the exhibitions are quickly packed at the early Friday weekday. 



The scale of the Internet of Things (iot) is expanding at a breakneck pace as every industries adopt it to transform or upgrade.In the future, the development focus of the electronic product industry will inevitably be the upstream and downstream suppliers or manufacturers related to the Internet of Things. To be in  line with this development trend, Shanghai Munich Exhibition sounded the horn of the entry of Things market.



In July, when the sun was rising like a fire, the grim situation of the epidemic continued unabated, but our enthusiasm is still persisted.

In the exhibition, our employees are communicating with purchasers face to face, promoting high-quality products and services to customers, winning the trust of customers with sincerity and professionalism, enhancing the influence of "Natconn" brand in the electronic product industry, and creating more opportunities for our company to expand the market.

At the booth site, the industry insider and the audience are very interested in Natconnn electronic products, they stop the pace of hurry and enjoy the mystery with us.



"Natconn" has its high-tech products, in this hot new era of development, accelerates the pace of electronic products industry forward and step by step upgrading.While, the performance requirements of the products are becoming more precise, the volume is smaller and smaller, the circuit density is higher and higher, and the transmission speed is like "5G" entering the rapid era.The new electronic components are developing forwards to chip, miniaturization, high frequency, broadband, high precision, integration and environmental protection.

"Natconn" bases on the present, looking forward to the future, seize the opportunity of time, further its step.In the new generation of electronic products research and development, we investing more labor, material and financial resources, making its future development to a new height, committing the service to help enjoy intelligent life, with the best service to meet our friendly cooperation!

With the development of science and technology, the demand for electronic products of the Internet of Things is more and more vigorous. "Natconn" makes full use of the advantages of the platform to fully display advanced technology, diversified products, and discuss and exchange industry trends.

Natconn accurately docking market requirements, providing the  complete discrete device solutions and service solutions, and jointly promoting the technological innovation in the field of semiconductors, which has been widely praised by exhibitors and professional visitors.

The successful holding of the exhibition is inseparable from the support and trust of all our collegues and customers!

Natconn thanks again to all of your support!