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Building Domestic Industrial-First-Class Laboratory to Promote Transforming and Upgrading of Enterprise Products

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2022-11-15 14:14

Natconn Testing & Inspecting Center is a comprehensive center for electronic connectors inspecting, testing, analyzing, researching, identifying, and assessing. Now,Natconn has reached the domestic leading level in connector industry with high inspecting capacity and inspecting level.

Natconn Testing & Inspecting Center, covers about 500m2, is one of large scale professional inspecting center in domestic connector industry, consists length testing, electric properties testing, reliability testing, environmental and chemical testing, mechanical properties and temperature resistance testing six laboratory divisions, equips more than 30 testing instruments. Well-founded experimental equipment,advanced testing methods. The center has been under operation after the upgrading by introducing 3 new instruments and renewing 2 instruments.

Guangdong Natconn Electronics Co., Ltd. , focuses on engineering technology, operates basic researches and application researches, and constantly improves the testing & inspecting platform, establishes advanced system of international technical standards. To build the engineering technology research center as one core base of technology innovation, technology transfer and personnel training three functions in domestic electronic connector industry.

Natconn bases on the three platform of technology innovation with ‘production, learning,, studying and applying’ four-in-one methods, to promote high-end electronic connector product research making breakthrough, and to drive the development of China’s connectors industry with high pace.

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